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Having identified potential for the 'sting', it was then important to establish whether using a 3D animated character to provoke a crime online is legal - in most countries it is.

A global PR campaign was launched to announce the findings and hand over the results to Interpol, positioning the initiative as one of the largest sex abuse cases in recent history.Sweetie shows how creatives can have significant impact on global problems that may not seem relevant to their industry or daily lives, Woerde believes."Our strategy was shaped by a firm belief that simply showing a problem does not lead to effective campaigns," he explains.Woerde approached Terre des Hommes - an international human rights charity focused on the rights of children - to collaborate on an initiative that would help tackle the problem by mobilising politicians and police world-wide.Sweetie is a creative idea that developed out of months of research and the realisation that the crime comprises a basic economic system with supply and demand.

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